Trees for the Future

Covering over 30% of the land area on Earth, forests are essential to our planet’s ability to support life (WWF). But our forests are under attack.

Why Trees of the Future is important

Due to deforestation, there are fewer trees to filter the air, and the lower the concentration of oxygen, the higher the concentration of CO2 there will be in the atmosphere. Not only that, but trees help reduce the concentration of CO2 in the air, as they convert them, along with sunlight, into energy to fuel themselves, while producing oxygen and water as by-products.

Sycada.Green plants ten thousands of trees in the name of our customers

You guessed it: this is why Sycada is supporting Trees for the Future in planting trees in areas that are threatened by deforestation. We work on two fronts: helping our clients reduce their CO2 footprint (and saving BIG money in the process), and planting trees to offset the emissions stemming from our transportation needs. In fact, we plant 500 trees for each new client and an additional 100 trees for each vehicle equipped with Sycada’s Green Fleet Monitor or 360EV solution.

So far, we have planted tens of thousands trees in Haiti en we are currently expanding into other projects in Indonesia. 

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