Innovative telematics technology can make your corporate fleet green(er).

The technology is available to realize substantial savings in fuel usage and CO2 emissions across your corporate fleet. And at Sycada.Green, we have both the technology, the knowledge and the experience to help you turn your green intentions into green savings.

Sycada’s Green Fleet Monitor uses drive style analysis and –feedback to reduce fuel consumption of cars, LCV’s, trucks and buses with typical savings of 10-20%. In addition, mindful driving leads to lower risk of road accidents and lower vehicle repair and maintenance costs. Why not start saving costs and make a contribution to the environment at the same time?

Sycada’s Connected EV solutions accelerate the transition from fossil fuel to electric vehicles. Our solutions provide enterprises with innovative, yet proven and mature tools for a greener fleet. Profit from Sycada’s involvement in in numerous zero-emission mobility and Smart Grid projects across Europe

Click on, and let us show you how innovative telematics technology can make your fleet more sustainable.



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