Open Letter

Dear Captain of Industry, Policy Maker, Influencer,

You and I share a big responsibility. We are in a position where we can make things happen on a large scale. This includes taking decisive action on fighting climate change.

Climate change is a problem for now, not later

As Obama correctly said in his speech introducing America’s Clean Power Plan: ‘Climate change is not a problem for another generation, not anymore’. More than 99% of the World’s scientists endorse the fact that climate change is happening, that it is caused by humans, and that is happening at a pace underestimated by even the worst pessimists one decade ago. 2014 was the warmest year on record, and 2015 is on track to break that record.

A shared responsibility

Carbon pollution is the biggest driver of climate change and transportation of people and cargo is responsible for more than 30% of this pollution. It is not only the responsibility of our Governments to bring about this change. We, as individuals and as corporations, need to be catalysts of change. And we need to be this now!

The good news

The technology is available to realize substantial savings in fuel usage and CO2 emissions across your corporate fleet. You can learn more about innovative telematics technology on this website. It so happens that we have been busy developing it for the last ten years. It is possible to save costs and reduce emissions simultaneously. Why wouldn’t you? It’s good for the bottom line, the environment, your brand name and your stakeholders. Get inspired from the case studies on this website.

Let us inspire you

Please contact us to learn more about our Fuel & CO2 reduction projects, our experiences, and how we can facilitate substantial savings in your organization. I dare to promise you a healthy Return on Investment.

Sincerely yours,

Kristian K. Winge


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