On the way to zero-emission city distribution

The FREVUE project brings together cities and companies that are introducing electric freight vehicles for their city logistics. The aim is to reduce of even eliminate CO2 emissions and other harmful pollutants in city centers.

Zero-emission city distribution, is it possible?

Monitoring and evaluation is a key part of the FREVUE project, since it is important to understand the nature and extent of the impacts made by the introduction of the electric freight vehicles (EFV) in the cities. In addition, it can provide insights into for which types of application or in which circumstances these vehicles can be used most effectively. As EFV’s are innovative and not yet deployed at large scale, results of the FREVUE project can help to identify what works well and what needs to be improved.

The main question in the technical assessment of EVs is: What are the key technical performance characteristics of EFVs in urban logistics?

Answering critical questions

Supporting TNT Express in this project, Sycada is using its connected car technology and Open (PH)EV Innovation platform to provide answers to a set of critical questions:

  • How is the daily performance of EVs depending on vehicle type and operating conditions?
  • What are the key performance characteristics of the batteries that are in use?
  • What are the most common charging and grid issues, and how can they be solved?

Needless to say that this information is critical for evaluating the economics of EFV adoption in the city logistic fleet.

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