Smart grid in Balans

EV charging: smart and 100% sustainable

The development project, Smart Grids in Balance, realizes the unique match between the supply of sustainable energy and the demand stemming from electric driving. By applying smart charging principles it is made possible to support highs and lows in the production of energy at any given time during the day.

Highs and lows

The production of sustainable energy is dependent on the availability of wind and sun. As a result, highs and lows in the production, and hence supply, of sustainable energy is a given. The SGiB system allows for the constant monitoring and regulation of the EV charging process to effectively smooth the effect of these fluctuations. Lots of wind means a faster charge cycle and less wind means a longer period to a fully charged battery pack. Electric cars form a great vehicle for steering the supply/demand of sustainable energy while, at the same time, avoiding capacity problems in the grid.

The Driver and the App

Sycada.Green has developed a Smartphone app that allows drivers to easily search for an available charging facility. In addition, the driver can consciously search for a charging station with 100% sustainable energy. For the first time, the carbon foot print from well to wheel is made transparent.

Communicating with the charge point

It is also the first time that a driver can control the charge point from the mobile phone. By implementing the new Open Charge Point Protocol and Interface, the driver can now view and control the entire charge process directly from the app and from any location.

Sycada.Green offers innovation partners access to its EV connected car platform and technology building blocks. Take a look at the ‘Open (PH)EV Innovation Platform

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