Save fuel, insurance premium, and vehicle repair costs

It is a fact that ‘mindful’ drivers have a lower accident rate than drivers with a more aggressive drive style.
Sycada.Green has also demonstrated that positively influencing drive style has a significant effect on fuel consumption, vehicle repair and maintenance costs. Our UBI partnership with Nationale Nederland now mean that we can facilitate a discount on the insurance premium for fleets that are actively promoting a mindful drive style.

Mindful driving lowers your fuel consumption, insurance premium, and vehicle repair costs  

There is a causal relationship between drive style and the frequency and severity of road accidents. Insurance companies, including our partner Nationale Nederlanden, knows that the best proxy for assessing car insurance risk is drive style. Companies that consistently measure and provide feedback on drive style, thereby promoting a ‘mindful’ way of driving, report significant reductions in road accidents. Reduction in claims in excess of 50% is not uncommon. In addition, fuel savings of typically 8-20% along with reductions in tyre costs and other vehicle maintenance expenses add to the positive business case associated with Mindful driving. Not to mention the positive impact on CO2 and other emissions.

So, where is the link?

Apart from simply driving less kilometers in rush hours or during the night, the driver has the key to lowering the risk of a road accident. The key is Mindful driving. There are two extreme driver stereotypes. The Unsafe driver is less concerned with traffic regulations and with other road users; he is constantly speeding and accelerates hard and has a braking style that is equally forceful – he calls himself a ‘sporty driver’. Needless to say the the chance of having an accident grows almost exponentially, as does fuel consumption. Conversely, a Mindful driver sports a fluid driving style and has a keen eye on the traffic, uses her brakes with care and only when needed – funny thing is that, in city traffic, the mindful driver shows a higher average speed between location A and B.

Make a game out of it!


A sporty driver is in it for the game. So, why not make a game out of optimizing the drive style. Using Sycada.Green’s driver portal and/or smartphone apps, participating drivers can review their own performance over time and compare themselves to targets and relative to colleagues in their peer group. And why not share the realized benefits with drivers? A financial incentive, consisting of a percentage of the saved (fuel) costs, will stimulate drivers to do their best and create momentum. As an example, bus drivers at Connexxion have earned hundreds of Euro’s by adopting a different drive style – it’s a clear win-win.

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