Green Fleet Monitor

Mindful driving unlocks fuel savings and reduces your carbon footprint

The Green Fleet Monitor builds on a simple principle: When the driving behaviour of your employees improves, fuel costs and CO2 emissions go down. This sounds logical, and it is. Our experience shows that the difference in fuel usage between your worst and best drivers can be up to 40%. The goal is to positively influence the driving behaviour of the less efficient drivers. This can be achieved with the Green Fleet Monitor.

The Green Fleet Monitor portal

The Green Fleet Monitor is a web-based portal that allows Fleet- and CSR managers to actively monitor the Fuel & CO2 performance of groups of vehicles and individual drivers. Feedback is action driven and focused on gradually optimizing the fuel efficiency by providing insight into driving behavior.

The Green Fleet Monitor is divided into seven easy to use modules, including:

  • Savings dashboard: Tracking of the realization of the savings potential for the entire fleet or groups of vehicles and drivers.
  • Journey data: Access to journey statistics for various groups of vehicles in your fleet and individual vehicles and drivers.
  • Fuel & CO2 monitor: Overview of fuel and CO2 efficiency per period, group of vehicles and individual drivers.
  • Driver performance: Detailed drive style statistics and scores for individual drivers.
  • Vehicle service: Access to service calls and DTC (digital trouble code) information per vehicle.
  • Crash analysis: Availability of detailed crash log should can accident happen.

The results of the Green Fleet Monitor are impressive. Within 6-8 weeks we can demonstrate significant improvements in drive style and fuel efficiency. Implementation of Green Fleet Monitor typically unlocks fuel savings of between 10 and 20% for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles and 5 to 10% for trucks and buses. Additional savings are achieved by reducing accident rates and by lowering service and maintenance costs. Not to forget the safety and comfort of drivers and passengers when a more ‘mindful’ drive style is adopted.

Green savings for whom?

Sycada works with bus companies, transport & logistics companies, courier and distribution services, taxi operations and many other professional fleets to optimize drive style. We have experience with all kinds of vehicles and hence support different vehicle interfaces and protocols. Most connected vehicles use OBD II or FMS/J1939.

Effective driver feedback

Engaging drivers is an absolute must. No driver engagement or commitment, no savings. So, Sycada has developed an in-car driver feedback display that gives the driver instant feedback on parameters like acceleration, braking and speed. Call it a ‘virtual driving instructor’ that is guiding the driver in a non-intrusive way about how to drive safe, efficient and mindful.

A web-based portal is available to drivers with a personal and secure log-in. Drivers can review their individual performance relative to colleagues and relative to set targets for drive style and fuel economy. See Connexxion case.

Can we turn your drivers into mindful drivers? Sure we can. Turn good intentions into green savings and make an appointment for a demonstration of the Green Fleet Monitor system or download the brochure here.

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