About Sycada Green Mobility

Our mission is to help enterprise significantly and structurally reduce their carbon footprint - and to save costs at the same time.
We do this by providing drivers with feedback on how to optimise their drive style and become more ‘mindful’ drivers, by accelerating the transition from fossil-fueled to zero-emission vehicles, and by facilitating eCar sharing programmes.

We realise that ‘green’ needs to go hand-in-hand with a healthy ‘Return in Investment’ and we pride ourselves with being able to facilitate both simultaneously. In our experience, a mindful driving initiative using Sycada’s Green Fleet Monitor, deliver reductions in fuel costs and CO2 emission of between 8% and 15%, reduction of road-going accidents in excess of 50%, more comfort for passengers and less stress of drivers, and better road safety for us all.

Sycada has cutting edge technical solutions, but we also understand that success not only depends on smart technology. We use our experience to guide you through the ‘softer’ factors of success which includes themes like: How do I deal with privacy issues? how do I keep drivers motivated? How do I engage the workers council positively?, Should I sanction or reward good driving? etcetera.

We have been and are going through this journey with customers across different industry sectors as diverse as Public Transport, Transport & Distribution, Taxi operations, Garbage Collection, Inspection services and many more.

Do you also want to reduce the carbon footprint of your enterprise - and save money at the same time?

Make an appointment with us and we will be delighted to share our thoughts, tools and experiences!

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Sycada leads the way in telematics with more than 15 years of experience and 2.000+ happy clients.


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