Sycada’s Green Fleet Monitor uses drive style analysis and –feedback to reduce fuel consumption of cars, LCV’s, trucks and buses with typical savings of 10-20%. In addition, mindful driving leads to lower risk of road accidents and lower vehicle repair and maintenance costs. Why not start saving costs and make a contribution to the environment at the same time?

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360˚EV connected car

Electric driving can be a viable alternative today

From an economical perspective, the case for electric vehicles (EV’s) is getting increasingly attractive. From an ecological perspective, the case is a necessity. Fortunately, numerous factors are colliding, which will trigger a mass uptake of electric cars in the coming years.

The most important triggers are:

  • The price and performance of EV’s have improved drastically over the least years. Large vehicle manufacturers have committed themselves to mass introduction of EV’s at attractive price/performance ratios.

  • The public pressure to reduce CO2 emissions is growing and European governments have committed themselves to reduce emissions with double-digit numbers over the next decade. This can only be achieved by changing the nature of vehicle fleets, alongside other measures.

  • Governments are investing heavily in charging infrastructure allowing EV drivers to plan and undertake longer journeys. We foresee that especially corporate car sharing schemes will drive early uptake of business related e-driving.

  • Helping enterprises in the transition to zero-emission vehicles is the prime objective of the Connected EV solutions of Sycada, including the 360˚EV suite of online services.


Sycada 360˚EV online services

To enhance the ownership experience of (PH)EV’s and to stimulate their introduction in enterprise fleets, Sycada has developed a suite of online services that are available through a web portal and via smartphones. We deliver practical solutions to practical problems, including:

  • Driver support: All vital information about battery status, estimated range, location and availability of charge points.
  • EV usage statistics: Detailed statistics on charging and driving patterns and energy usage.
  • Book ‘n Go EV sharing module: Easy-to-use car sharing system for electric vehicles for enterprise and cross-enterprise fleets.
  • EV planning & dispatching: GPS tracking and real-time battery monitoring combined in order to allow battery state-of-charge based planning of vehicles. This is relevant for e.g. passenger transport (taxis) and distribution services.

Additional EV data logging and information services on request and project basis. Similarly, application enhancements may be done on a project-by-project basis. For a full description of the 360EV online services download the brochure.

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Over the last decade, Sycada.Green has been involved in a large number of Green Mobility, Smart Grid and Green City initiatives and projects. Our clients include Government and Local Authorities, OEM’s, Insurance and Leasing companies and Enterprises across Bus Operations/Public Transport, Logistics, Couriers and Post Distribution, Taxi and Specialized Transport, Facility Services and more. With Sycada.Green you reduce your time to market, costs and risks associated with a green fleet strategy.

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